New Year's Day

So, I'm married now!

It was a very fitting ceremony: funny, quick, entertaining, and surrounded by friends, family, and derby girls. The bride walked down the aisle barefoot to Mr. Blue Sky, and the preacher played his part wonderfully, reenacting the marriage scene from The Princess Bride:

Seriously. It's good to hear a large group of people erupt in laughter before the vows are officially taken. Which were, and I'm not kidding:

"Do you?"
"I do!"
"And you?"
"Then, you are! Congratulations!"

The whole ceremony was under 2 minutes. Then, we had a massive party for many hours before my new bride and myself went off to spend a lovely evening away from everything.

Oh! And we got quite possibly the best, most awesomest wedding gift ever from our friend (and fellow derby ref), Rumble StilsKin, who - my god, had better be thinking about further pursuing his doodles more:


Holy crap! Is that great or what? He nailed both of us!

Enjoy the new year, everyone! I know I will!


Matt Ceccato said...


G.G. said...

Wa-hay! That's awesome, Dave!

FoldedSoup said...

Thanks, you two! Miss ya both!

And, Grant - you have our sympathies.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Sorry for the lateness, but just saw this tonight.

Brian T