New Year's Day

So, I'm married now!

It was a very fitting ceremony: funny, quick, entertaining, and surrounded by friends, family, and derby girls. The bride walked down the aisle barefoot to Mr. Blue Sky, and the preacher played his part wonderfully, reenacting the marriage scene from The Princess Bride:

Seriously. It's good to hear a large group of people erupt in laughter before the vows are officially taken. Which were, and I'm not kidding:

"Do you?"
"I do!"
"And you?"
"Then, you are! Congratulations!"

The whole ceremony was under 2 minutes. Then, we had a massive party for many hours before my new bride and myself went off to spend a lovely evening away from everything.

Oh! And we got quite possibly the best, most awesomest wedding gift ever from our friend (and fellow derby ref), Rumble StilsKin, who - my god, had better be thinking about further pursuing his doodles more:


Holy crap! Is that great or what? He nailed both of us!

Enjoy the new year, everyone! I know I will!


Guess who's getting hitched on New Year's Day?!

I've had a busy, wonderful time away from the blog. Thanks, everyone!

Extra, EXTRA thanks to Mr. Popular for the AWESOME gift!

...and 1/1/11 is an anniversary date even my crappy memory won't soon forget!

CC'd Dino Bits

Once again, another head's up from Mr. Popular, who's on a Roller Derby Drawin' Tear recently (Go check out his new drawings!):

My goodness.. if I had the stand-up talent.. and could pull off "surly and argumentative" (I can't), this would be my routine.


Mmmm.... I like it!

Not as weird as you think!

(Thanks, man!)

EDIT: Both the video and the picture are from SuperPunch. I need to spend more time there.


From the "Not seen it yet, but judging it on the new trailers" Dept.

(And, yes, I know.. I'm hoping *far* too much for this movie. And trailers are trailers.)

..If Batman somehow had "magical" powers worked into his origin?

Yeah.. he wouldn't be so interesting, would he?

EDIT: (Added the latest video) Wow. It's gonna be worse than I thought.

Holy Sexual Euphamism, Batman!

From the "Greatest Trailers Ever Made" department:

(Strangely Safe For Work)

Is it wrong that I'm now looking forward to this more than I am to Iron Man 2?

(nah.. actually, it makes perfect sense.)


Hey! It's me! Honest!

(Goatee only slightly exaggerated)

Sketch by Mr. Popular. Who was quite the hit at the Derby Bout! Especially at the bar.

I think it was the dress. Nice legs!

(Thanks, man!)

You got your dinosaurs all over my derby!

So Mr. Popular just finished the poster for our next bout, which, if I'm not mistaken, he will be attending. And staying with us while he's in town. Check it out:

I like to think that the otherwise unexplainable dinosaur motif is something in the way of couch-sleeping compensation. Lord knows it confused the derby girls...

Great job!


This kind of immediate personal recognition seems to only happen when I watch television made for people 25 years younger than me. Usually cartoons.

This is me.

I'm off to Eugene, Oregon for another TVR Roller Derby bout. Man, I'm liking the travel perks that go along with this gig!

We're not expected to win, but we'll give 'em a showin'!

Oh, and it's spring break at BSU next week. I may get less lazy and post more often!

No promises. I'm lazy.

Sometimes, you need a push...

Yep.. still feelin' lazy.

(But busy)

Sorry guys.

Panel from Delgado's new Age of Reptiles: The Journey, which is *awesome* if you.. well.. like dinosaurs.

Derby Weekend

Hey kiddles -

I'm off as official scorekeeper and stats dude to travel with the Treasure Valley Roller Girls as they take on the Midnight Terrors of Watsatch, UT (Salt Lake City, really). Should be a great bout!

I don't think it's streamed or anything, but if it is, it would be at the Watsatch site somewhere.