World's Finest Frosting

I got on a bit of a curiosity trip today after re-reading the first Batman / Superman story that climaxed in this panel, and it got me thinking about how many times those two have swapped places in order to push Lois into a psychological meltdown preserve their secret identities. Turns out, it's a pretty big number.

While searching, I came across this piece of sweet, sweet goodness from 1977 (.PDF link). Here's the pertinent bit of cake-making genius:

Who's who?
It's a Batman AND a Superman cake all rolled into one!

This is truly a thing of 1970's baked-goods awesomeness! By simply using different frostings and the handy face and logo plastic bits included, you can make this mold into either hero! Or, if you have a kid that was as absurdist as I was at age 10, you can mash 'em up and make a Super-Bat! And, good news for Mom - she can make the cake part in advance, which gives her time to wheedle out of her kids which (Batman) character (Batman) is their (Batman) favorite (Batman, ya' crazy broad!) before she frosts it. Here's the Batman one. This would still be welcome at my birthday:

This will be served to me. Oh, yes.

But Soup! (says I) This is a spiffy idea! Imagine the possibilites! Why don't we take this idea and run with it! It's what the readers demands! Both of them!

Well, I haven't used Photoshop in a while, and this might be good practice. OK, let's go running! Poor photoshop skills be damned! Ahoy!

Suppose your kid is totally into the lastest R-rated comic movie hack and slash manly men gore-fest? Or thinking about playing for the "other team?" No problem!

Manly Cake!

Ah! But what about Power Girl?!? Everybody loves Power Girl.. even pre-pubescent li'l kids who can't quite figure out why...

I would buy this just for the chest plastic piece

And Finally! Let's do something more current. Show the kiddies we're hip like that!

Bad, bad Soup

These are fun!

(Someone stop me. I really need to get out more....)

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SallyP said...

You, my dear, are truely demented. And the last cake of Capt. America shouldn't have made me laugh...but it did.